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Flickr updates + tomorrow...

(btw if you're wondering, no cell service = no GPS updates = "track pete" is not accurate and is out of date currently!)

Still feels really weird to be "on the internet" but have no cell service. I talked to one of the neighbours and apparently there is a town around 20 miles away that just had a tower put up but you have to be within a half mile or so to get service from it.. hah.

Anyway I took the opportunity to update my flickr with photos from the last couple days. Here are some links to the sets:

DC to San Diego Collection

City of Rocks State Park

Gila National Forest

Mogollon Mining Ghost Town

Now, as to tomorrow, looks like I will be heading back down 180 to 78 west, then up 191 aka The Devil's Highway (used to be hwy 666) and over to Show Low, a cool old town with a neat story (google it!). I'll spend the night in a motel there because it will be below freezing at night (no thanks for camping), then head up to the Petrified National Forest in the morning, over to the giant meteor crater, then off to points west somewhere, probably another motel. After that it's Grand Canyon time I think!

Checked my work e-mail for the first time in a week... wow, both a lot more and a lot less than I expected. Looks like everyone is getting along just fine without me!


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