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Friday night at primal fitness
Happy new place to Cat!
Grill and chill in full swing!
Lol @ flooding all over as I walk home

Parkour: Tic tac to Kong (how to clear steps)

Run at a set of steps. Jump up, kick off a wall, leap higher, and land near the top. Lean forward and throw your arms down on the top step and propel your body upwards, clearing the steps in a full run. This is what I learned to do today... Definitely a welcome break from all the rolling and rolling and rolling we did last week (all good stuff, but refining technique rather than learning new techniques, so no blogging). I showed up to class a little bent - I had eaten a couple apples today and let's just say they didn't sit so well. During the warmup and most of the class I had pretty bad cramps, deinitely unpleasant. Warmup x3: 1 lap (4 blocks) 10 pop ups onto a 2+ foot high box 20s handstand 3 wall runs ea leg In a crazy way I would normally think that is an easy warmup (and it is now), but my cramps made this hell. Ugh. After we were done, Rob and Salil led the class out to a library near the park, which had two sets of wide steps with walls on each side. The first set
Trappistes rochefort 10 for the win
I'm on a boat!
Sun good
Yay found the blown fuse trying to jump again
Ripped off two callouses training on rails today even though I had been taking good care of them. Ow

Misc mobile parkour ramblings

So I am walking home from a 1.5 hour freerunning class at Primal. It was interesting and fun though a little disappointing. The overall skill level of the other five attendees was very low so Travis had us working very basic stuff mostly. On the other hand I really got to practice some good movements that I enjoy a lot, like basic cartwheels and gymnastic forward rolls. After all that we got into two very cool showy vaults though... First was a backwards speed vault. Haha totally sweet and pure freerunning, very different from parkour. You run at an object and spin around and go over it flying backwards... Awesome and fun. I totally enjoyed this. The final vault was so cool, I have been waiting to do these forever but didn't want to just try on my own... The kong vault. Google it. :) You basically launch yourself into a dive at an object then catch yourself on your hands and throw your entire body over it using your momentum and explosive power... It is my new favorite.
Yay for fridays
Only at Blackboard...
Good place to work tho its a little bright. You can see my office in the background heh

Parkour II: Week 1, Day 1

It begins again! Six more weeks of training at Primal Fitness, this time the intermediate class on Tue/Thu/Sat. Stunning. Same primary instructor as the basic boot camp, Rob. New secondary instructor, Salil (might have that spelling wrong). Salil seems pretty cool, didn't say a lot but always on point when he did. The class is mostly the same people as the basic class which is pretty neat - only one person that hasn't been there with us before. Immediately upon the start of class, Rob took it somewhere completely different - outside the gym. We all packed up and went to a nearby park, jogging about 3-4 blocks to get there. Then, Rob led us in some crazy group warmup routines. I can't even remember all of this, but it involved: Stepping forward slowly reaching really high like you were stepping over something, then repeating it backwards Same as above but coming down into a crouch/crawl with the opposite leg, then backwards Jumping sideways across a crack while skipp
Well blew out the electrical system by connecting up the wrong terminals on the car so I guess the bike is not going home today after all!
According to Zappos these are the same flip flops. Two and a half years, fifteen countries, thirty or so states and a couple oceans worth of wear and tear should not make that much of a difference. I think reef changed the color scheme on me
I want to be a legendary home fragrance expert too!
Wee all these people chillin by my place
Moving wanker boy Larry out to the middle of nowhere
Grill and chill

Parkour: Week 6 Day 2 - The Turn Vault

Closing on the end of the first boot camp, but I've already signed up for the next six weeks so no break for me! Today was a little weird - I had a horrible lunch (two corn dogs and some chili poppers) and overall just felt nasty. No energy. Really rammed home how important it is to eat well when you are being active. The Warmup (x3): 1 lap (4 blocks) broad jump burpees up and back leg squat walk thingie up and back 3 top outs down to cat holds This seems simple. This was not simple - at all. Especially with the lack of energy, I was very much not enjoying it. The running, oddly, was actually easy - this is the first time in six weeks that I have not felt horrible during the third lap... The really hard part was the broad jump burpees. This wasn't so much hard because of the muscles involved, but as I noticed yesterday when I kept squatting down working on assembling a book case, the back of my calves (mentioned in my State of the Pete) REALLY hurt when I'm in any so