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Canon T2i/EOS 550D Review: Not Worth It

It’s very rare for me to suffer buyer’s remorse, as I typically research any product I am going to use quite carefully. When it comes to photography, I have always been a Point & Shoot fan for a number of reasons: smaller and lighter cameras, less complexity, and most importantly, lower cost. In my adventures I could carry two P&S cameras and not worry about one being broken or stolen and I was generally quite happy with the quality of the photos. This changed in a very subtle way sometime in early 2010, as I began to understand that photographs of people and things were just as interesting as photos of places and landscapes… I realized I was leaving out part of the story of my adventures because I often left the people around me out of them. As I changed some of my style, I became absolutely amazed with the quality of photos being taken by a friend I met in Nepal with a Nikon D5000. Her photos of the people around her told a completely different story than those I took due to

On Flexibility: An Initial 2011 Itinerary

One thing I learned when planning for last year – don’t get too caught up in any particular idea, keep everything as open as possible. It cost me more money in airfare to not plan months in advance but aside from the mistake of paying rent on a condo I wasn’t living in, the flexibility in that schedule allowed me a much greater set of experiences. After a fair bit of planning on thinking, I’m already seeing my 2011 completely change from how I imagined it two months ago. There’s still a month before anything really exciting starts other than preparation (paperwork, paperwork, paperwork), but as things are starting to come together I wanted to share my rough plans for 2011 as of right now: