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Handstands for smiles?

If you're thinking about donating to Operation Smile , here's a little encouragement (pic): All donors will get The Consolation Prize , an individually personalized thank you photo of me doing something zany or interesting (except the real thank-yous will be done somewhere deep in South America rather than my boring office). Read about all the other awesome incentives on my donation page here: P.S. One arm hand stands are actually quite hard to hold for a few seconds, you don't want to know how much of my lunch hour I wasted trying to get this right with my cell phone camera... here are some other attempts!
Today is the first day on my countdown calendar for my trip! I X'd it off midday on principle. (pic)

Playing with Microsoft Live Writer

So, one of the important points of my trip in South America is that I won’t have internet access all the time, but hopefully in a lot of places I’ll still have power to run my laptop. I’m hoping to pre-stage my blog posts / etc. so that I can just upload them when appropriate. In the process of looking for good easy to use utilities for panorama shots I stumbled across Microsoft Live Writer, which lets you write blog posts in a format compatible with your blog and prep them with all the same formatting, text, picture inserts, etc. How cool is that? Using this I can write my blog posts when I get a chance, then just one-click publish them when I have data connectivity. So, this is the first test of that. To also test Microsoft Image Composite Editor, I stood up on my table and took a few pictures of all the gear that I have laid out so far for the trip (I never use the dining room table unless I have people over, so it’s perfect for staging my gear). Check it out, this is a com
International driving permit has been obtained!
Free the gas monster
All these crazy people roaming the streets near my place with signs that make no sense make me sad.
(pic) A fridge stocked with beer is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the awesome weekend Sarah, Sanil and Diana!
in Philly grabbin cheese steaks before the ride home!
Welcome to philidelphia for the weekend!
(pic) The insane seafood platter appetizer plate at BLT courtesy of Oracle.
(pic) My Dell mini10 is up and rocking! Yay for new toys. Um I now have four personal laptops and two work ones wtf bloat!