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Beware of lime disease!
Double fisting coffee up on seven to start the day, yeah its one of those!

Junket Planning Begins

Today I have officially begun planning for the 2009 Mototaxi Junket . This has been going on behind the scenes for a bit, but I'm finally starting to commit to dates and at least pre/post rally routes. The Basic Plan Oct 21: Leave Dulles mid-day, arrive in Lima at 8PM. Oct 22: Explore the Centro Historico de Lima, break the rust off my Spanish. Oct 23: Take the crazy train from Lima (7AM) to Huancayo (7PM). I am expecting to meet up with some other crazy rally people en-route as I believe at least some others will be taking the same train. Oct 24: Mototaxi familiarization day in Huancayo and initial route planning. Launch party that night at which I will try to avoid getting trashed. Oct 25: Any last minute preparation, official send-off at noon! ... many days of adventure ... Nov 7*: Arrive in Asuncion, Paraguay. Return moto taxi and attend finish celebration party. Nov 8*: Hang out in Asuncion for the day, then leave for the long long trip home. From Asuncion to Sao Paulo to
sara's birthday party is kinda fun, pretty cool spot out here
I have been in my condo for over seven months and I finally got my mail key!
More craziness at Rachel and Jacky's
How to make a woman in less than an hour? hrm
Playing with silk ropes before training at Primal
I am totally riding Cat's scooter through Dupont
Almost done moving Cat!