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Showing posts from March, 2009
Yay new temp home for the bike!
Had to jump start my bike haven't ridden it in so long!
Er woops?
Get to use my hood for the first time yay for rain!
happy sunday!
Productive evening at work strengthening relationships...
matching chaise has arrived!
Still feels both weird and cool that I live here in the middle of all this stuff
Hey neat the circus is outside my house!
Beer wins

Last year...

This is was my whiteboard in 2008 for March to-do. I was going through some old folders (yes I'm at work on Sunday) and stumbled across all these old to-do lists. As an interesting overview as to how my brain works, I can still describe each of these items in detail, why they were on my to-do list, the overall importance of them, and their resolution (same for the tasks assigned to my reports on the board). On the other hand, I cannot remember anything about them from a time perspective - when I started working on them, when I finished them, how much time they took, etc. In fact a fair portion of that does not seem like it was something I worked on a year ago - it seems older or newer. Apparently time does not function properly in my brain.
Wee trivia!
Back to blogging, it was fun on my trips so I thought I might start up again and see if its still fun.