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Day Six Recap: Really Only Six Days?!

I have to admit, it feels like I've been gone a lot longer. I've traveled over 2200 miles and when I checked google maps earlier today I found out that I'm less than 700 miles from San Diego! Yet I'm not planning on arriving there until November 14, so what do I do with the next twelve days?

Luckily, that's all part of the plan. Most of the reason I wanted to make this trip is to hit various places in New Mexico and Arizona - I figure probably another 3-4 days in New Mexico then plenty of time in Arizona (Grand Canyon et al). I'm still debating whether or not to hit four corners - it's kinda tempting, after all how many other places can you stand in four states at once? (none I believe!)

Today was cool, Las Cruces isn't a bad little place (btw there IS a movie theater, I rode past it). La Posta was great, fantastic food and atmosphere, wish I could have enjoyed a couple of their 100+ margarita options! White Sands was INCREDIBLE as decribed earlier, and the morning spent chilling in a diner in Cloudcroft was neat as well. Overall, a really awesome day - and best of all I only road a grand total of around 120 miles.

Random thoughts for the day:
  • I haven't really thought about work. At all. Sorry Jonas! I should probably check my e-mail...
  • Checked my voice mail and my bank had put my debit card on hold because of "mysterious" charges - all these $5-6 charges at Shell gas stations in random places. Haha. (yes, that's how much a full tank of gas costs)
  • My right knee, which can be pretty gimp and I blew out moving last week, did not trouble me at all rolling around those dunes today at White Sands. Interesting, eh? It still hurts just walking around normally, especially down stairs or down hills... guess the sand cushioned something. I had a ton of fun running and jumping around, haven't been able to run for, uh, a month+?
  • Speaking of which, my toe which I busted up pretty bad a month or so ago is finally not hurting much! I can make it hurt if I try but it only kinda tweaks a bit. That is awesome - if my knee heals up soon I will be able to go running again. Finally! (running for me is short distance intervals, I like to sprint - I don't do that crazy long distance stuff like Christina)
  • Got 5 books today at Barnes & Noble, so that should tide me over rest of the trip camping/etc. since I can't spend my days hiking all over due to my game knee. Yay.
Okay, now I am going to try and see if I can make a cool map of my trip so far!


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