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Training and Fundraising

After the last few days of my ankle holding up under some fair beatings (albeit with pain) I decided that today I would go back to Primal and start trying to get back into things – but I got distracted and missed the 8PM class! Instead I decided to try pushing things in a self controlled environment and was able to practice some good wall runs and crane landings amongst other things without the ankle hurting too much. Wicked – I think I’m ready to push it harder for sure (haha famous last words?).

While I was training a bit, I decided to get out the camera and muck about with some more fundraising photos! Since these are always entertaining, here you go, some examples of thank-you photos you might get if you donate to Operation Smile – except they will be cooler because they will be somewhere in South America!

Precision jump down a flight of stairs:


Overbalancing a handstand (actually takes a ton of control to not destroy yourself on stairs when doing this) then nailing another attempt, though I think I rested my head on the step for balance a bit looking at this shot (yes cheating, but in fairness I had been beating myself up for an hour already):

CIMG0904 CIMG0917

Here are some shots from a turn vault, which is really hard to do using an angled rail while having limited room to pivot vertically, I think these shots turned out pretty cool (you can see in the second shot I actually tagged my foot on the stairs above and it disturbed my horizontal rotation so it wasn’t very clean):

CIMG0927 CIMG0928CIMG0929

Interesting training fact: Trying to make it up as many flights of stairs as you can without touching the ground (railings only, no horizontal surfaces) is quite hard. I made it to the sixth floor from the basement before I had to pop down. I can really tell I haven’t been pushing myself for the last month, but I’m glad all the same (my friends keep yelling at me for continuing to tweak my ankle but how do you stay off an ankle?! seriously).

17 days to Peru!


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