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Drama begins early

Apparently all is not well with the Mototaxi Junket. :( Based on last minute e-mail updates tonight, it sounds like the mototaxi's may not be ready for pickup on Sat/Sun - but in fact we may not be able to leave until Wed. This may require an extra 2-3 days of vacation and associated plane ticket drama. Not cool - but part of the adventure and thus all good!

In spite of all this I wanted to really thank my friends for coming out to RFD today and saying "goodbye" to me, especially Kim, Jason, Amy, Jason, Andy, Sarah, Sanil, Cat, Jacky, Rachel, Kurt, Mike, Hector and all the other awesome people that swung by - it was nice to know so many people were worried and happy for me. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "I wish I was going...."

Two days from now at this time I will hopefully be catching a cab to my hotel in the Centro Historico de Lima. The next morning I will be exploring, then I will be catching a train to Huancayo on Friday and practicing with my mototaxi for (apparently) many days until Wednesday (original plan was to leave Sunday). Alas, but awesome. I am totally stoked about this and really looking forward to it.

Satellite tracking is up and appears to be working with my SPOT personal tracker, I will integrate this into my blog tomorrow but you can see position updates from my balcony (I wasn't actually home, but left it there) here for now:

I am super excited! Some things have come together great - I had to transfer a thousand pounds via wire yesterday for the deposit and that worked out. I forgot to get my hotel in Lima and train tickets to Huancayo, only to find that the hotel was cheaper yesterday than weeks ago and there happened to be one seat open on the train that wasn't open last week. Seems like pieces are coming together... Hurrah!

Tomorrow night I will post my final gear list and packing, there's a lot of stuff coming with but overall it's manageable and hopefully easy to manipulate. It's on!

South America here I come!


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