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Misc mobile parkour ramblings

So I am walking home from a 1.5 hour freerunning class at Primal. It was interesting and fun though a little disappointing. The overall skill level of the other five attendees was very low so Travis had us working very basic stuff mostly.

On the other hand I really got to practice some good movements that I enjoy a lot, like basic cartwheels and gymnastic forward rolls. After all that we got into two very cool showy vaults though...

First was a backwards speed vault. Haha totally sweet and pure freerunning, very different from parkour. You run at an object and spin around and go over it flying backwards... Awesome and fun. I totally enjoyed this.

The final vault was so cool, I have been waiting to do these forever but didn't want to just try on my own... The kong vault. Google it. :)

You basically launch yourself into a dive at an object then catch yourself on your hands and throw your entire body over it using your momentum and explosive power... It is my new favorite. :). It's also a normal parkour move so I will have a head start when we do these next week in class.

Speaking of class I didn't blog about Wed! Still digesting a lot of the intermediate stuff, it's not as quickly processed. We spent almost the entire class doing precision jumps onto a bar about a foot off the ground and trying to stick them enough to balance for at least two seconds.

It started out incredibly hard but after a few great pointers I was fairly consistently sticking good jumps, including full speed flying long jumps.

At one point Rob paid me probably one of the coolest compliments I've heard in awhile, he goes "Pete I think you are ready to quit your job and start training parkour full time.". Haha how awesome would that be?

Highlight of that day was perfectly landing a monster full speed jump (at least eight feet) with so much control that I turned around on the bar and slightly bowed to (I swear!) the sound of Kathryn going "oh my god did you SEE THAT?!"

Of course I fell off on the next attempt. Pride goeth.


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